Our services against fires

Systems Audit

A "Fire Safety : Technical cycle" expert conducts all SONATECH audits, also graduated of the CT INSSI technical formation and the European certification CFPA.

SONATECH conducts risk analysis, system performance tests and provides an audit report. This report contains all the necessary recommendations for the restoration of compliance or improvement of the facility.

The audits are based on APSAD (References 5/F5, APSAD Rules R13, R7 & R5), NFPA references or others.

Project Study

Any project assigned to SONATECH will be subjected to a preliminary study and the drafting of Special Technical Specifications (STS).

The recommended products are selected from the leading suppliers of fire safety equipment. All site constraints are evaluated and taken into account in the study. The selected products are always those responding exactly to the requirements, ensuring financial viability. 

SONATECH teams intervene in all types of environments :

  • Industrial,
  • Military,
  • Tertiary, ERP,
  • Pharmaceutical,
  • Petrochemical
  • Power plant
  • Agribusiness,
  • Storage platforms,
  • Shipbuilding,
  • Health,
  • ...

Turnkey installation

All installations are performed by SONATECH in full compliance with the standards imposed in terms of Water Automatic Systems: APSAD (R1 Rules), NFPA, FM, etc.

For each fire detection/extinction system, SONATECH intervenes with its own teams. All installers are qualified. A single contact leads and controls the project, from inception to delivery.

The same team carries out structural, electrical or VRD works, in order to ensure perfect co-ordination.

Hydrostatic and live tests are routinely carried out before delivery.

The site manager accompanies the contractor or their representative up to reception (insurer, supervising office, fire fighters).

Maintenance of systems

SONATECH provides mandatory preventive maintenance of all fire detection and extinction systems.

Each intervention results in a preventive maintenance report with a quote listing the corrective actions if necessary.

Following an audit or a preventive maintenance visit, SONATECH also intervenes in corrective maintenance in order to carry out the required corrections.

All maintenance interventions give rise to a maintenance report.