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fire alarm system is a subset of the Fire Safety System, whose goal is to detect the start of a fire as quicky as possible.

It is composed of fire detection devices (manual triggers, automatic sensors...), intermediate bodies (wired networks...) and the Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP), also called Fire Alarm Control Unit (FACU), which alerts in the case of any solicitation to the system or fire alarm. The devices are connected to the FACP using loops or wires.

The fire alarm system is "conventional" when the detection occurs at a group level. It is "addressable" if on the same loop, separate detection zones consisting of one or more devices are identified and located.


In a building, we can consider that a floor is covered by a loop. In the case of a conventional system, the FACP can simply detect that there is a fire on the floor, without any precision as to which device has been activated in which room. In the case of an addressable system, if we consider that each room corresponds to a zone on the loop, then with the FACP the room in which the fire occurred could be identified.

The fire alarm system can then trigger the general evacuation of a building or send alarm information to a Central Fire Safety Unit to manage evacuation and safety devices (smoke control, fire-resistant doors...).

In France, the APSAD drafted rule R7 in regard to the setup, operation and maintenance to ensure fire alarm system efficiency. the APSAD Rule R7 drafted by the CNPP, is a repository aiming at listing minimum requirements in terms of risks analysis, installation and maintenance of a "Fire Detection System and Central Fire Safety Unit".

On the regulatory front, the configuration of the required Fire Alarm System or Fire Safety System is dictated by the classification of the building in the Code of Construction and Housing, depending on the type of Public Access Building concerned (type L, M, N, etc.) and its category or capacity (1st, 2nd, etc.), which varies according to the number of visitors it can receive simultaneously.


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