Danfoss Semco : Water mist


When water is forced through nozzles, at high-pressure, a super-fine mist is formed that has a two-fold extinguishing effect. As well as cooling the fire like a traditional sprinkler, it simultaneously starves the fire of oxygen like gas systems. When the mist comes into contact with flames, it evaporates and expands minimum 1,700 times. The dense vapour created displaces the flames and quickly extinguishes the fire.


The uniqueness of water mist is that it combines the suppression effect of gas and traditional sprinkler systems. As well as removing the oxygen like a gas system, it simultaneously cools the fire like a traditional sprinkler. The cooling effect additionally lowers the risk of re-ignition.


Minimum use of water

  • Limited water damage [Danfoss Semco consommation réduite]
  • Minimal damage in the unlikely event of accidental activation
  • Less need for a pre-action system
  • An advantage where there is an obligation to catch water
  • A reservoir is rarely needed
  • Local protection giving you faster fire fighting
  • Less downtime due to low fire and water damage
  • Reduced risk of losing market shares, as production is quickly up and running again
  • Efficient – also for fighting oil fires
  • Lower water supply bills or taxes


Danfoss Semco nozzles

  • Cooling ability enables installation of a glass window in the fire door [Danfoss Semco buses]
  • High spacing
  • Few nozzles – architecturally attractive
  • Efficient cooling
  • Window cooling – enables purchase of cheaper glass
  • Short installation timeEsthetic design


Small stainless steel pipes

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to handle
  • Maintenance free
  • Attractive design for easier incorporation
  • High quality
  • High durability
  • Cost-effective at piece-work
  • Press fitting for quick installation
  • Easy to find room for pipes
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Easy to bend
  • Few fittings needed

Water supply

Water is supplied via either pump units or cylinder systems. This covers small systems of just a few nozzles, right up to systems with thousands of nozzles, with or without electrical power.

Unique pump design

Intensive research has led to the creation of the world’s lightest and most compact high-pressure pump. Danfoss pumps are multi-axial piston pumps made in corrosion resistant stainless steel. The unique design uses water as a lubricant, eliminating the need for routine servicing and lubricant replacement. The pump is protected by international patents and is widely used in many different segments. The pumps offer up to 95% energy efficiency and very low pulsation, thus reducing noise.








  • Hotels
  • Archives and Library
  • Car parks
  • Data Center
  • Galleries and  museums
  • Cable channels
  • Machinery spaces (Generator, turbine, transformer, diesel engine, etc…)
  • Wind turbine
  • Universités
  • Hospitals
  • Heritage building
  • Offices
  • Commercial and industrial fryer
  • Paint spray booth
  • Industrial production lines (oven, paper mills, etc..)
  • Tunnels
  • Atria


Danfoss Semco continues to invest heavily in new approvals, as a consequence of new nozzle development as well as the need for adapting to new standards. These approvals for industrial and commercial applications are obtained by testing according to specifications from, for example, FM, UL and ISO, as well as from the European guideline CEN / TS 14972 and approvals from DIFT, VdS and TÜV.

Danfoss Semco was one of the first to obtain approvals in accordance with the European technical guideline TS 14972 for ordinary hazard with a spacing as high as 5.5 meters, and up to 6 m ceiling height for public spaces. Danfoss Semco is also among the firsts to have VdS certificates for ordinary hazard applications, i.e. OH1 and OH2.